Why Should You Hire Me?

BRE (Before Real Estate)

I was a Navy wife for 20 years - perfect training for a career in real estate!  I learned so much about the logistics of moving, exploring neighborhoods and schools, finding the right home and preparing to sell after just a few years.   

I learned how to research the market, prepare for showings and manage the turmoil that comes with getting to closing.  

I learned to be flexible, how to negotiate and when to get out of the way.

I developed a passion for helping others get through the process.  I've learned that almost anything can be negotiated.  But there are exceptions.   Integrity isn't negotiable.

Thinking of selling?

Integrity is Everything - Almost!

Combine it with training, experience and a kind of sixth sense.  Add organizational skills, a flair for marketing, a sense of humor, a healthy amount of curiousity and bulldog perseverance.  Wrap it all up in a layer of teflon/asbestos. (Real estate is not for the faint at heart.) Presto!  You've got the blueprint for a very good Realtor!   

I work hard to be that Realtor.  I want to be worthy of the trust you place in me.  I know the anxiety that comes with placing your home in the hands of another.   Your goals are mine.

I Work for you!

Our Real Estate Market

Amazing!  Strong.  Fluid.  This is a great time to sell a home!  North Texas has a strong economy.  We're blessed with fantastic schools, excellent medical care, and easy access to a major metropolitan area.    

Mortgage rates are still low.  There are numerous mortgage products to help make financing a home a reality.  Homeownership is beneficial to the owner, our community and the economy.  This is a great time to buy your home!

Here's the bottom line - I'll work hard for you.  My success depends on yours.  Whether you're thinking of buying or selling a home, I'd appreciate an opportunity to speak with you.  I've made it easy!  Go to my 'Services' page and set your own appointment.  Of course you can always call me with any questions.

Real estate is a profession of service.  

How Can I help?

Important Information

The Texas Real Estate Commission requires me to provide you with certain information, found in the items below.  

Information About Brokerage Services (pdf)


Consumer Protection Notice (pdf)


The weather's perfect for househunting!